Don’t Stop Making Disciples

Today, it is critical that we help men stay connected to each other and grounded in Christrather than their social standing, political affiliation, career, or net worth.

It may seem like a lot has changed recently, but our mission is clearer than ever, and together, we won’t forfeit this time to make an eternal impact in the lives of men and their families! We hope these tools and tips will help you and your men keep moving.

Resources from Relaunching Webinar #1

Start a discussion group to study the Bible each week using our video messages.

This four-week online study will keep you on the narrow road alongside other brothers.

Patrick Morley's newest book is perfect for outreach, small groups, and mentoring.

Resources from Relaunching Webinar #2

Challenge your men to reach out to 3 other men they know to begin praying for them, meet with them in person, and invite them to your next upcoming opportunity.

Choose from five unique 6-week small group study guides for men at different stages of their spiritual journey. Each includes group discussion and application questions.

The No Man Left Behind Model has helped thousands of church leaders create a thriving ministry to men. Attend a live training or use our self-paced Courseware (DVD or online).

Articles to Encourage and Equip You Right Now

Beyond Online Meetings: How to Create Community

When it comes to community, it takes a lot more than video conferencing to replace what we’ve lost. Here are some steps you can take to build a community online that will help people grow during this time—and beyond!

Men’s Ministry Meets Social Distancing

In the absence of four walls, a roof, and a steeple, how do you disciple men effectively, especially when they may be anxious, isolated, sick, or fearful? Here are five resources you can use RIGHT NOW in your ministry to men.

Revisiting Our Humanity

2020 has brought a technological tidal wave and we don’t know where it will crash. How does it impact our universal condition that—from the moment we exit the womb to the moment we stand before God—we desire real, human relationships?

Losing the Church

Some who have been distant from community for three months are growing comfortable in that isolation. And now that the habits of church attendance have been broken, the risk is that men who adjust to this new normal will be gone for good.

The Cross in the Age of COVID-19

God’s wrath did not create COVID-19, but it will consume it, along with cancer, addiction, depression, and every other thing that ails us. And we know this because the victory was already won, on the cross.

What to Read: Our Staff Picks

Not sure what to read? We asked our team from around the country what they are reading right now. Here are a few of their answers—your Man in the Mirror Self-Quarantine Reading List!

Sad Clowns, Lonely Men, and COVID Friendships

The tragedy of loneliness is that without friends, life starts to feel like one huge obligation. For this is not the time of maximum mastery. It is the time of maximum need—for friends, for help, for clarity, for forgiveness, and for God.

Plagues and Prayer

Maybe you’re on the front lines fighting this plague or maybe, like me, you’re watching from the sidelines. From there, what can we do? Someone said, “I guess the only thing we can do is pray.” Better to say, “The thing we can do is pray.”

Four Keys to Navigating the Narrow Road

First, we want to give you four helpful keys to navigate the narrow road in your own life, and second, a practical, easy way to support the men around you that you can get started on THIS WEEK.

Make This the Defining Moment of Your Life

What can you learn from this moment that you could learn no other way? Patrick Morley has created this short guide to help you stop and process the bigger picture of your life through the lens of this time.

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