For 32 years Man in the Mirror has inspired men and church leaders to grow.

You can now tap into those decades of experience with the GO BOX.

The GO BOX is a proven combination of training & resources to JUMPSTART your ministry to men.

But it is not just a PLAN, it’s also a PERSON.

Throughout your GO BOX experience you will be connected to a local Area Director or a phone call away from a National Ministry Coach to help serve the specific needs of your church.

Jumpstart Your Ministry to Men

Order your GO BOX today and jumpstart your ministry in as little as 9 weeks!

“A game changer!”

“The Man in the Mirror GO JUMPSTART program is both professional and easy to use. A real game changer for men’s groups in churches.”

Robert Tunmire
Executive Vice President, Dwyer Group
Ministry to Men Church Leader


In as little as NINE WEEKS, your church will RECRUIT new leaders and cast vision, PLAN a simple event, KICK-OFF your men’s ministry, ENGAGE men in small groups, and CONNECT them to long-term growth opportunities.

Your GO BOX includes:

  • QuickStart Guide
  • DVD set for 4-week Jumpstart training
  • Facilitator’s Workbook for Jumpstart training
  • 7 Participant Workbooks for Jumpstart training
  • USB thumb drive with event support resources
  • DVD set for 4-week GO men’s study
  • 8 Guidebooks for the GO men’s study
Short Clips from the Leadership Training

Your results are a product of your system.

Men need relationships with other men.

Why is men’s discipleship so important?

Trailer for the Men's Study

with Patrick Morley, Brett Clemmer, Pete Alwinson, and Collin Outerbridge

"GO works!"

Here’s a success story from a pastor in Indiana about how GO Jumpstart worked in his ministry to men:

  • In July, we used GO to form a leadership team for our men’s ministry. 
  • In late August, we used the planning materials to have a “Manhood Challenge” event. About 50 guys attended. We had a Cornhole tourney, a steak grill, and a special speaker. Six guys indicated a decision for Christ! 
  • We followed the event with the four-week GO study. We now have about 20 guys in small groups, including new guys who were not involved before the event.

Thanks for your faithfulness to reach and disciple men!
–Pastor Mike Sutton, Bethany Lutheran Church

Jumpstart Your Ministry to Men

Order your GO BOX today and jumpstart your ministry in as little as 9 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes GO different from other resources?
A: We have incorporated into GO all the best practices we’ve learned from 30+ years of working with churches. We believe wholeheartedly that GO—by itself—will jumpstart your ministry to men. It’s a leadership recruitment strategy with practical steps to build a leadership team that’s dedicated to men’s discipleship. And to help you get started discipling your men right away, we include a four-week DVD group study for them.

But we haven’t stopped there. When you order GO, you aren’t just getting a box; you’re getting a person—a Guide—to walk alongside you every step of the way. Our Area Directors around the country stand ready to support you at no cost to your church.

Q: Who is this resource designed for?
A: This resource is designed to help a passionate leader jumpstart his church’s men’s discipleship efforts, starting with recruiting a team of leaders to help him.

GO is ideal for the those ministries just getting started, those that are stuck doing “the same old things”, or those that are looking to be more strategic and effective with their men.

Q: Is this a curriculum?
A: GO does include curriculum for the men in the church called GO: The Journey to Biblical Manhood, a brand new video-based study with a corresponding Guidebook. However, this is just one component of the GO process.

As a whole, GO will help a leader build and train an effective leadership team, engage men through a simple event, and move men into a four-week group Bible study. We provide all of the training and planning tools for the leaders to accomplish this.

Q: Can I preview the curriculum content?
A: Yes you can! Preview the first 12 minutes of Week 1 from GO: The Journey to Biblical Manhood: Watch the preview video here.

Q: Will my church need anything else besides the GO: Jumpstart Your Ministry to Men box?
A: Although the GO box includes a sample Guidebook for the men’s study for each leader to use, the church will need to order additional Guidebooks for the men participating in the four-week study. These can be ordered at a later date, once the church has some idea of how many men will participate.

In the Leader Workbook, we provide step-by-step instructions for engaging men in the group study. In fact, we’ve helped churches get more than 75,000 men into groups just like these ones and we tell you exactly how this proven process works!

Guidebooks are just $7.50 each when ordered in packs of 10. Some churches choose to provide these to their men at no cost, while others have each man reimburse them. At Man in the Mirror, we recommend asking men to put some skin in the game! Experience has shown us that both interest and commitment increase when men are invested.

Q: How long does the GO process take?
A: GO is a nine-week process. Prior to this, the key leader has just a bit of pre-work to do in his Facilitator Workbook to ensure a smooth ride for his leaders along the way!

The nine-week timeline consists of an initial vision-casting meeting to recruit leaders, three weeks of Leader Classes, a simple men’s event, and four weeks of the men’s study.

Ultimately, the process your church is going to learn and put into practice is one that will continue to grow your ministry LONG after these nine weeks are over. And we’ll be there to help your team be successful.

Q: Ready to GO?
A: Order your church’s GO box here.

Jumpstart Your Ministry to Men

Order your GO BOX today and jumpstart your ministry in as little as 9 weeks!

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