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Staying Clean in a Dirty World

Some men in the church get swept up with the false teachings and empty promises of culture, while others cleanse themselves to be set apart for a purpose. In Paul’s letter to Timothy, we see three things we need to do to stay clean in a dirty world.

Who Is Jesus?

Paul wanted Timothy to remember and build his life around Jesus Christ. So who is Jesus? A moral teacher? A prophet? A legend? And why does it matter? Those answers formed the core of Christianity then, and they still form the core of our faith today.

Spiritual Insight for Everyday Life

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t want spiritual insight. Yet, we often miss the spiritual connections that are present in the common details of everyday life. How can we crack the shell that separates the physical and spiritual worlds, and why does it matter?

Entrusting the Message to Faithful Men

Jesus told the disciples it’s not that men don’t want to meet Him. It’s that there aren’t enough men to make a credible introduction. In Paul’s plan for Timothy to safeguard and spread the gospel of Jesus, we see how we are entrusted to make the connection.

Permission to Speak Freely

Paul spent more than a decade with Timothy as brothers, co-laborers, and, in a spiritual sense, father and son. He had permission to speak freely into his life. The truth Paul shared with him about hope, suffering, and shame impacts us and our relationships in profound ways…

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