Steve Basht – Maryland

Steve Basht is committed to serving pastors and leaders in the communities surrounding Rising Sun. As a trained Man in the Mirror expert in men’s discipleship, Steve guides pastors and leaders through a comprehensive strategy to reach and disciple all of their men because every man discipled impacts a marriage, family, workplace and community. Discipleship changes everything!

Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Steve went on to earn a BA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Theology from Liberty University.  Currently, he serves as the Area Director for Susquehanna & Delaware Coalition for Men’s Discipleship.  Steve is also works as a professional dog trainer for his company, Sassafras Canine Service Academy, training hunting retrievers, service dogs and working with pet owners with problem pups.  Lending credence that “all men are dogs”… dog training and men’s ministry seems like a natural fit!

    Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 25,000 churches and millions of men. We help churches create an environment where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship.


    1375 State Road 436
    Casselberry, FL 32707