Accountability Check-Up Card – 100-Pack


Do you regularly assess your spiritual health? Do you have a brother in Christ or small group of brothers to challenge and encourage you in your walk with Christ? The Weekly One-Hour Accountability Check-Up card is a business-sized card that serves as a tool to ask and answer key questions regarding your relationship with God, your family, work, finances, and other areas of concern and importance.

The purpose of accountability is to continually become more Christ-like in all our ways and be ever-more intimate with Him. As Patrick Morley says, “The truth for the Biblical Christian is this: There is power in vulnerability, strength in numbers, and safety in visibility.”

Use these cards one-on-one, in small groups, or as a church-wide challenge to all the men.

Note for leaders: This resource is perfect for Challenge 1: Manhood, Challenge 3: Relationships, and/or Challenge 9: Integrity of the Journey to Biblical Manhood.

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