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Our Vision

We believe discipleship changes everything—that when a man is transformed by Christ and discipled by others, there is no greater influence on the problems that surround us: divorce, fatherlessness, poverty, racism, sexual violence, addiction, suicide, and more. No matter the brand of brokenness, the only lasting, systemic solution is to disciple our way out! And it begins with men.

Man in the Mirror’s vision is for every church to disciple every man.

Even in churches today, too many men are absent or uninvolved. We believe that Christ has called His church to reach men and help them lead powerful, transformed lives in Jesus.

Our Mission

Serving pastors, equipping leaders, transforming men.

Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 35,000 churches and millions of men. We have remained steadfast and focused on the mission for more than 30 years, because of our unwavering belief that discipleship changes men, marriages, families, workplaces, communities—everything.

For this reason, our purpose is to help leaders provide a discipleship pathway for every man in their church. We do this with three interlocking strategies:

  • Serving Pastors
    Too many pastors feel like they are doing it all alone. Local Man in the Mirror Area Directors link arms with them as trusted confidants to help them build the church. As men’s discipleship experts, Area Directors understand that the most significant support we can give a pastor is to help their men become passionate disciples of Jesus.
  • Equipping Leaders
    We see potential leaders in every church—men with a heart for God and a passion for connecting with other men. What’s often missing is a compelling vision to draw them in and the training to be successful. Man in the Mirror provides churches with both through a proven model called No Man Left Behind that results in an intentional strategy to disciple every man.
  • Transforming Men
    No man fails on purpose. But when a man’s life is shattered by sin, the collateral damage is staggering. We know the cure is Christ, and we want to see men leading powerful lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus. We equip disciple-makers with heart-oriented resources for men like Bible studies, interactive events, books for small groups, devotionals, and more.

Our ministry’s long-term goal is that, with God working through us, we will see 15 million men in the U.S. leading powerful lives transformed by the gospel by 2040. In Jesus’ name, transforming men will transform the world.


Executive Chairman

Patrick Morley

President and CEO

Brett Clemmer

National Development Director

Peter Hone

Vice President, Operations

Dale Redder

Vice President, Finance & Business Administration

Sharon Carey

Board of Directors

    Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 25,000 churches and millions of men. We help churches create an environment where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship.


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