Who We Are

Our Core Values





Our Vision

Man in the Mirror helps leaders provide a discipleship pathway for every man in their church.

Even in churches today, too many men are absent and uninvolved. Man in the Mirror believes that Christ has called His church to reach men and help them lead powerful, transformed lives.

Our Mission

Serving pastors, training leaders, discipling men.

Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 25,000 churches and millions of men. Man in the Mirror helps leaders provide a discipleship pathway for every man in their church. We do this with three interlocking strategies:

  • Leadership Training
    Man in the Mirror trains leadership teams with a proven strategy for discipling every man in the church, the No Man Left Behind Model. The Model helps leaders cast vision, assess the spiritual state of their men, and develop an intentional plan to disciple all their men over the long term.
  • Church Resources
    Man in the Mirror helps churches disciple men through the Journey to Biblical Manhood, a flexible process that combines the principles of No Man Left Behind, church events, small group curricula, Bible Study, and more.
  • Ministry Consulting
    Man in the Mirror Field Staff members link arms with pastors and leaders in their area of the country to help them be as effective as possible in reaching men. Located throughout the country, they serve as local men’s discipleship experts to any church that wants help. They also coordinate a local Coalition for Men’s Discipleship, made up of churches and leaders committed to the cause.

Our long-term goal is that, with God’s help, ten million new men will lead powerful lives transformed by Christ by 2025.


Executive Chairman

Patrick Morley

President and CEO

Brett Clemmer

Board of Directors

Numbers Don’t Lie

For 30 years, Man in the Mirror has been equipping men to disciple other men through the local church.

2000CHURCHES impacted
80Area Directors

Our Guiding Principles

What are the compelling ideas swirling at the core of our ministry?  What are the philosophies, values, beliefs, convictions, goals, and the dreams that animate us?  What, and who, are we “for”?

We are for Christ.  Our principal task is to glorify and enjoy Christ through our work. We desire for each associate to passionately love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. There must be an intensity we bring to loving God. We must learn to love him with every ounce of our energy and the sum of our strength. Our work for God must proceed from the overflow of our walk with God.

We are for each other.  The impact we have on those outside our walls will be limited to the impact we have on each other. We must first become to each other what we want men, men’s leaders, pastors, and the church to become. This means we maintain an environment to celebrate each other’s giftedness. We must love each other as Christ would love. We will keep it fun.

We are for a spiritual awakening.  We want to foster a spirit of deep and sustained revival. We pray God will take off the roof and drench our nation with His Spirit like fresh rain. Our part? God has called us to equip leaders who reach men. He has given us a life-changing message. We will help leaders show men the cross for their sins and the resurrection for new life. We believe that if men will bring themselves into the real presence of Jesus, He will show them what to do. For this reason we will set “Big Holy Audacious Goals.

We are for innovation.· We want people to expect our next steps to be unexpected. We want to draw outside the lines. We want to be the cutting edge leader in reaching men. We are not in competition with anyone.· Rather, we believe a rising tide raises all boats.

We are for reaching as many men as possible.  We are stewards of a great calling. We focus on the central message of the gospel and do not champion lesser points of theology. We reach men only to the extent that we encourage and equip leaders. Therefore, we must create a high perception of value. We want to make leaders curious about who we are and what we do. We want leaders to be better off after every interaction with us. Whether or not they have attended a training event, distributed books, or held a seminar – we want to occupy the position in a leaders’ mind that Man in the Mirror is where to turn for effective resources that reach men.

We are for going the second mile.  We want to astound those we serve with attention to detail, doing the little things right, an unswerving commitment to excellence, and virtual perfection in quality. “Quality is free.” Our desire is to always do it right the first time. Professionalism is our hallmark.

We are for self-funding.  We want each ministry project to pay its own way after start-up.

I will endeavor by God’s grace to make these principles my own, and make my work reflect their worth.

    Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 25,000 churches and millions of men. We help churches create an environment where the Holy Spirit inspires men to engage in life-on-life discipleship.


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