Ritual Journals

Ritual Journals
Inviting Men Into Meaningful Conversations

A new line of journals from Man in the Mirror called Ritual is in development to help a man reflect on his life honestly and engage in deeper conversations with another man. The first of the series is now available!

Ritual – Assessment is a self-assessment journal designed to serve as a mirror revealing areas within that need love, grace, and healing. Setting aside time for honest self-reflection is a lost discipline in the Christian life, and Ritual – Assessment guides a man through reflection on five key areas:

  • Health
  • Origins
  • Relationships
  • Vocation
  • Soul

Although the journal is done independently, it should be discussed in a one-on-one or small-group setting and is sold as a set of two journals. Ritual is not a Bible study, but rather a tool to stimulate self-evaluation and vulnerable conversation that goes beyond sports and the weather, so that men can build more meaningful relationships.

Ritual Journal - Assessment

Sold as a 2-Pack

"As I walked through the Ritual Journal with these two young men, it opened doors to real conversations about real things they were going through, and in those conversations, I was able to talk naturally about Jesus and what it means for Him to be at the center of my life. What started as building a relationship with them has grown into them building a relationship with Christ." - Steve

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ritual – Assessment for?

Anyone who wants to have a meaningful conversation with another man about different areas of his life. For this reason, it is best used in a one-on-one setting, but it can be used in a small group setting, too. The goal is for men from a wide variety of backgrounds to seek, find, and grow their faith and friendships.

Who should I invite to do this with me?

Any man whom you want to get to know on a deeper level. He doesn’t need to have already professed faith in Christ; maybe he is seeking, hurting, lonely, or simply open to building more authentic relationships.

In particular, young men are eager to build relationships with older men⁠—although they are not always willing to do so through the opportunities provided by traditional men’s ministry in the local church. If that describes a younger man you’d like to get to know better or come alongside as a more experienced guide, then Ritual is a good resource for inviting him to engage.

All it takes is a simple request: “Do you want to use this journal with me? It’s something I do to assess where my life is, and I think we’d enjoy going through it together.”

Why is it called Ritual?

A ritual is a pattern, a habit, or a practice. Our hope is that by using a simple journal to help us regularly engage in “life assessment,” or self-reflection, we can restore what has become a lost discipline in the life of many Christian men.

What does it cost?

Ritual – Assessment is now available as a set of two, hard-cover journals—one for you and one for the man with whom you’re going through it. The set is $44.95 plus shipping.

    Since 1986, Man in the Mirror has worked with more than 35,000 churches and millions of men with the goal of seeing every man reflect honestly, pursue God wholeheartedly, and live vibrantly. To this end, we equip Christian men around the world to engage in meaningful relationships that change lives and build the kingdom of God.


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