The Four Voices – NEW Expanded Edition


Confused by the competing voices in your head? You’re not alone. Not mastering your thought life will eat away at your self-worth, poison your relationships, stunt your growth, and complicate your life.

But the loudest voice doesn’t have to win. You can set your heart free and find peace of mind.

In The Four Voices, best-selling author and Bible teacher Patrick Morley will show you how to identify those voices and conquer the thoughts and feelings that keep dragging you down. With God’s help, you will more clearly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and learn how to make His the loudest voice.


In his newest book, Patrick Morley helps you identify the voices competing for control of your thought-life. With God’s help, you can finally set your heart and mind free.

Each chapter has questions for personal reflection and group discussion, making this perfect for small group studies or as gifts for both men and women.

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