Building a Strong Men’s Ministry

The Dynamics of Men’s Ministry Today

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In the 90s, almost unimaginable numbers of men were attending Promise Keepers stadium rallies. Promise Keepers created a new Christian culture among men. These events responded in a culturally relevant way to men who know there must be more to their Christian faith. I’ve met men who didn’t know what to expect, but never a […]

The Five Types of Men You Must Be Prepared to Reach

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You’ve got men, you’ve got a church. Add a testimony, some pancakes, a prayer, and—poof—a men’s ministry. Right? Not if you are trying to disciple every man.  Men need to be reached where they are spiritually. A man who has little spiritual interest won’t be interested in a 40-week Bible Study, and a mature Christian […]

The #1 Ingredient to a Successful Ministry to Men

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There are many ingredients that go into this recipe called “men’s ministry” and all of them are quite important. If you are going to build a successful ministry to men in your church, there is one thing you must have. Without this, your church’s men’s ministry will never develop. Your Senior Pastor’s Support When you […]

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